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  • Sugarbird Christmas Gin Baubles

  • Spicebergs


    The sachets offer a fun and attractive alternative for the discerning spirit drinker and also makes an ideal gift.

  • Socialist Gin Combo Stack 3

  • 5 Pence Cape Dry Gin


    A classic london dry style of gin with 15 different botanicals, eight of which being carefully selected fynbos plant species.

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Haus of Craft Spirits

16 hours 32 minutes ago

We will be here when the "Ban" is over.

Haus of Craft Spirits

1 week 6 days ago

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Make Boozy ice cream...
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About Us

Haus of Craft Spirits was founded by Liri-Mari Victor in 2019. A young dynamic woman with a passion for craft spirits. She went on a journey and learned all there was to be found about stilling and creating exceptional spirits.

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