Private label

Our personalised service allows you to delve into a delectable custom-made adventure! Discover the epicurean in you and explore the variety of flavours in our botanicals and bring your own unique, signature spirit to life!

By adding one of our tempting botanicals and/or natural flavour/colourants you can create your own beautiful and distinctive product.

Extend your personal brand with a private label. Having a unique design and/or company branding on your new private label, will set you apart from your competition. Our in-house design team can assist you with brand identity, bottle, label, and packaging design. Choose from our custom label templates that can be personalised with a variety of fonts, colours, and graphics.

Whether you are looking to create a gin, rum or vodka, we take a personalised and innovative approach to the production of our spirits by using State of the Art Distilling Techniques.

We use a Reflux Column Still for our gins – the taller the packed column, and the more reflux liquid, the purer the product will be. Most of our botanicals are sourced from local farms who are committed to using environmentally friendly farming and harvesting techniques. Our process may be scientific, however the alchemy is infused with passion and creation.

Minimum quantity is 24 x 750ml bottles. We can supply you with our own 750ml bottle, or you are welcome to supply your own. Price is charged per bottle, so is very easily scaled to suit your requirements.

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