Whether you’re networking, hosting a party or team building, we can bring you a sublime Gin/Rum/Vodka Tasting or Pairing Experience at work, at a venue of your choice or in the comfort of your own home. Imagine a private pop-up bar for you and your friends to enjoy – GINtastic!

Congenial and good-natured Liri-Mari Victor, passionate founder of HOCS has been making spirits since 2018 and you can enjoy a tasting of her three scrumptious gins, 2 rums and 1 vodka. You have absolute freedom to play with your spirits, so expect to add orange peel, thyme, berries, and rosemary, to name but a few, to your glass.

Spirit-tastings and Pairings are available to book every weekend (except Sundays) as well as during the week and evenings too!

HOCS are happy to host tastings/pairings for groups of up to 20 people ensuring a jovial and delectable experience for all involved!

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